Sunday, November 2, 2008


Over at my other blog, I am talking about my sad addiction to magazines. I realize that this isn't a very green addiction so I'm here to ask for your ideas.

What do you do with magazines once you are done with them? If you don't subscribe to any or even like to read them, just pretend that you do.

I have several options for the magazines that I have around my house. Some are recycled when I'm done. This is usually if my daughter has cut out all the pages and used them for her weekly homework assignments that require cutting out pictures that begin with the letter they are studying for the week. So, really, I get another use out of them before they get recycled.

Another option is to donate them. Whenever I have a dentist or doctor appointment, I call ahead and ask if they need any new magazines in their waiting rooms. I've never had them turn me down. I black out or cut out my name and address on the front and take them in. Everyone wins here because the ones I have are usually more recent publications than what are usually the waiting rooms. We also send them to my husband's friends who are deployed. We ship them over and one of his friends will either put them in the lounge of the dorms or fitness centers to be shared.

The last option that I have is to keep them. I try to only do this with magazines that I know I will use or look at again like cooking magazines or ones with articles that I found helpful for whatever reason.

Tell me, what do you do when you're done?


wfbdoglover said...

HA HA, Well, my neibor gets People from her co-worker. So, she reads it, then I read it, then my other neighbor reads it and then her daughter reads it.

SO we pretty much recycle, same as you! :)

wfbdoglover said...

oops typo neighbor

Frannie said...

I do the same things you do. But you can also crinkle up the pages and use to cushion a mailed package.

Over Coffee said...

I usually pass them along; family, friends, work, daycare, school.

Green Resolutions said...

Nursing homes/assisted living places are also a great place to donate some magazines (depending on topic). And you can list them on your local Freecycle group before recycling (especially if you have a lot of back issues for the same magazine). Great topic. Thanks for discussing.

Becca said...

I always just recycle them. I never thought about saving them for packing box material.